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Empire of Guanduania BookThe Empire of Guanduania is a micronation founded on 27 Jul 2017 by Emperor Justus I of Guanduania . Guanduania claims the whole universe as it's legitimate territory. The capital of the empire is Guanduanis and its national anthem is Beloved Motherland.

Though Guanduania was founded in 2017, it had existed since the foundation of the world. It incarnated the forces of good that fought against the forces of evil. Guanduanians have existed all along since the beginning. Guanduanians are those people who are born good, resist evil at all times and help humanity come off the cliff when everything seems lost. They were the heroes of the past who pulled their tribes and nations off the brink, who protected their family from calamity, they are those who sacrificed their own lives for the greater good of humanity. Those have existed in every country on earth, they were inhabited by the spirit of Guanduania, the Golden Star.  

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