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Why Join Guanduania

Why Join Guanduania
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You may be asking yourself why join Guanduania? Can I get anything from it?

Have you suffered injustice in your life? Have your rights as a citizen been trampled? Did you feel powerless to the sheer power of oppression from those who are supposed to protect you? Have you witnessed injustice near you and wished you could do something to stop it? Do you imagine that a better world is possible? Can't you find a way to express freely your political opinions on important matters of your nation?

Guanduania is a community of like minded people who think that change is possible now. All it needs is you and me saying enough is enough, we want to take our destinies in our own hands, we want to contribute to a better future for ourselves and our children and those who will come after us. We want a world free of racial discrimination, free of religious intolerance, free of
homophobia, free of poverty and hunger, free of violence against women and minorities, free of dictatorships, free of xenophobia, free of boundaries, etc. The universe is ours we want to live free in it.

By joining Guanduania you will enjoy participating in a unique culture, the foundation of a new country, run for office and get position in the government.

Remember this is a micronation, an aspiring country not recognized by formal countries. It's a country where we run things the way we think things should be run, and by doing this we will inspire others by our good example.

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