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Official Holidays in Guanduania

flag of Guanduania
flag of Guanduania

These are official holidays in the Empire of Guanduania, the empire of peace. These days are very important to the guanduanian people, in them we remember what we hold dear in our hearts and by them we show what are our values as a nation.

Freedom Day
1 January

Heroes Day
5 January

No Plastic Bag Day
10 January

Day against xenophobia
15 January

Day of the global citizen
20 January

Day against tribalism
25 January

LGBT day
30 January

Day against religious extremism
25 January

World Cancer Day
2 February

15 February

International Human Solidarity Day 
20 February

Education Day
25 February

Youth Day
27 February

Nature's Day 
5 March

World Malaria Day 
26 April

Freedom of Expression Day 
15 May

Family Day  
30 May

No-Tobacco Day
1 June

Child Labour
15 June

Refugee Day  
26 June

Victims of Torture  
30 June

Constitution Day
15 July

Independence Day
27 July

Flag Day
30 July

Heather Heyer Day
12 Agust

Day of Charity  
1 September

15 September

Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons 
25 September

Older Persons  
1 October

Orphans Day 
7 October

Eradication of Poverty  
22 October 

Persons with Disabilities  
20 December

Anti-Corruption Day  
28 December

Human Rights Day  
30 December
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