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[ ID 001/2017] Imperial Decree Appointing Lady Heather Heyer to the Most Honorable Order of the Golden Key and National Hero of Guanduania

Guanduanis Palace


HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY Justus I, By the Grace of God Emperor of Guanduania, does hereby send greetings;

WHEREAS we are all born equal and have equal rights as citizens of this universe;

WHEREAS every person should live in a world free of gender, race, sexual orientation, religious, political, and all other types of discrimination;

WHEREAS We wish to recognize Lady Heather Heyer for her efforts in her life to fight for a world free of all discriminations as thanks for her most generous gift to the world when she offered her life in a struggle against racial extremism;

LET IT BE KNOWN that We appoint Lady Heather Heyer to the Most Honorable Order of the Golden Key of Guanduania with all the rights, priviledges and responsibilities therein and declare her national hero of Guanduania.

AND We do further direct and enjoin that this Royal Decree shall be read and proclaimed in such places as appropriate within the Empire of Guanduania.

seal of the empire of GuanduaniaIN WITNESS WHEREOF We have caused this Our Imperial Decree by the affixation of the Imperial Seal of the Empire to be published, by witness Ourselves at Guanduanis Palace this sixteenth day of August in the first year of Our reign.

Signature of Justus I of Guanduanaia

HIM Justus I of Guanduania
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