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Empire of Guanduania- Frequently Asked Questions

Empire of Guanduania- Frequently Asked Questions
Coat of Arms of Guanduania

What is Guanduania?

Guanduania is a micronation. The term micronation, which literally means small nation. A micronation is an entity that claims to be an independent nation or state but is not officially recognized by world governments or major international organizations. Some micronations are created with serious intent, while others exist as a hobby. The first reference in English to the word micronation in a popular book appears in 1978, the term has since come to be used also retrospectively to refer to earlier unrecognized entities, some of which date to as far back as the 17th century. The concept of a “micronation” is most closely related to cultural nationalism, and can be broken down into three main categories: role playing, social experiments and political simulations. To some, the idea may seem, at face value, childish, ridiculous or even narcissistic, but there exist many micro nationalists who go beyond these negative stereotypes. Not every King or Empress is out for self-glorification.
Micronations should not be confused with internationally recognized but geographically small nations such as Fiji, Monaco, and San Marino, Andorra, etc for which the term microstate is more commonly used. Micronations generally have several common features:

Micronations may have a form and structure like established sovereign states, including territorial claims, government institutions, official symbols and citizens, albeit on a much smaller scale.

Micronations are often quite small, in both their claimed territory and claimed populations — although there are some exceptions to this rule, with different micronations having different methods of citizenship.

Micronations may issue formal instruments such as postage stamps, coins, banknotes and passports, and confer honours and titles of nobility.

The academic study of micronations and microstates is called 'micropatrology'.  The hobby or activity of establishing and operating micronations is known as micronationalism.

So is Guanduania a fantasy nation?

No! Many imaginary countries or nations exist only on the internet or fictional maps. Those countries are active in online communities only and their claims are located on virtual maps or imaginary worlds. The correct definition for those imaginary countries is Geofiction. There are many similarities between Geoficton and micronationalism.  Guanduania however, is real-life and it organizes cultural events regularly and all goals and achievements in Guanduania are realistic and executable.

Most micronations are located on the personal property of the founder, but Guanduania is the Universe. 

What made you start looking at the Universe in the first place?

Firstly, because we searched for a place that wasn’t claimed by any country. We could claim the whole universe for ourselves, since it truly belongs to everyone and to no one. We are a group of people who are concerned about the rights and freedoms of people in the world and beyond. We want to see an end to segregation based on nationality, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, etc. We want to nullify the negative effects of borders that make people strangers and called aliens in their own universe. We think the universe belongs to us all and that we should have equal rights in it.

Our motto is: "Peace, Love, Justice"!

What actions do you take to raise more attention for equal rights for the citizens of the universe and the preservation of nature?

We're not an organization with enough funds to launch campaigns. Guanduania is a micronation and we remain realistic, but small actions together can make a difference. We send protest letters to governments or companies who violate human rights, endanger peace in the world and destroy the environment or support letters to people and organizations who are in the same struggle as we are. In Guanduania we promote the importance of universe citizenship, of green energy friendly alternatives, recycling, reducing Co2, etc. The social media is an important tool for us to share our message.

Are your universal claims legal?

From our view, yes. We were born into this universe and it belongs to us. No law prohibits us to become it’s citizen, but many countries have laws that prevent people to travel wherever they want on earth, many people live without official documents, can’t find a job, go to school etc because officials refuse to issue necessary documents. We envision a universal country where borders will be abolished, with one democratic constitution, where all people will enjoy the same rights as global citizens. We want to end the economic disparities between the different parts of the world. We want the citizens of the universe benefit equally from what nature has to offer, it shouldn’t be the priviledge of a tiny minority.

Which countries have established diplomatic ties with Guanduania?

Guanduania has not sought to establish formal bilateral relations with any other state, and does not intend to do so. Our message is more important than our self-declared sovereignty. But Guanduania is worldwide active in the micronational community and it intends to sign treaties of friendship and mutual recognition with other micronations.

What are the Politics of Guanduania?

We  are a constitutional monarchy, a democracy where all the power comes from the people as stated in guanduanian constitution.

What is the population of Guanduania?

As of 02 August 2017, Guanduania had a population of 2 citizens.

How can I become a Guanduanian?

Send us a message through our facebook page

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