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Guanduania flag
Guanduania flag
The Guanduanians are a rare race of people who believe that life is beautiful, worth to live. They believe that human beings are called to love each other and protect their environment. They find that hating each other result in self destruction. They are pacifists at all cost and advocate negociations to resolve all conflicts. They consider all men and women equal before the law and god. They hate injustice like the plague and a Guanduanian would never close his eyes to injustices commited against his neighbour. A Guanduanian is committed to justice and the rule of law even if it means suffering in the process. 

Guanduania is a sovereign state, a state of mind in which a Guanduanian live and is a free citizen.
Guanduanians live everywhere, they are the citizens of the world. They know that the world does not end in their own little village or city neighbourhood, they are people who think that the world needs them, they feel called to fix the world's problems instead of sitting and lamenting their own and their fellow humans miserable fates.

Are you a Guanduanian? I believe so. Come then, let's build a better Guanduania for ourselves and our children after us.
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