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Declaration of Existence of the State of Guanduania

Coat of arms of the State of Guanduania
Coat of arms of the State of Guanduania
Flag of Guanduania
Flag of Guanduania
Guanduania was founded by it's first King, His Majesty Justus I of Guanduania.

After realising that the affairs of the world were in bad shape
After realising that human beings were bent on destroying each other, resulting in endless wars and conflicts that decimate millions
After finding out that bigger, richer nations continued to use their advantage to suck blood from poorer nations that will never be able to shake off their chronic poverty
Aftre finding out that religious and sectarian extremism was on the rise
After finding out that lawlesness had taken the place of law and legality
After finding out that corruption had become the modus operandi of those in power
After seeing that multinationals had gained more power than the states in which they operated and deciding the rule of the game
After finding that huge pharmaceutical multinationals were refusing to lower the prices so that the poor have much needed medicine, prefering profit to life,
After realising that many governments did not care about the environment and merely pay lip service to its protection resulting in global warming and climate change,
And many other evils that besieged humanity,

His Majesty Justus I found Guanduania, a state aimed at adressing the above mentioned ills, where all it's citizens will enjoy peace, health, love, prosperity, and justice. A country where every citizen will enjoy unlimited freedoms and protected against all types of discrimination, where all citizens will be proud of their country.


His Majesty Justus I of Guanduania knew that he would meet a staunch opposition from those who profit from their positions of power and those who enjoy putting other people under their feet.

He knew a fight would be necessary to achieve the noble objectives Guanduania has set for itself to achieve.

That's why he calls his citizens and friends of Guanduania to rise up and speak out and fight against injustice wherever it is found. No one is going to feel pity for you and give you what you need on a golden plate. You need to rise up and take it. Resist the slave dealers, resist the religious extremist, resist the neocolonialists, resist the racists, resist the warmongers, resist the terrorists of all kinds.


The world is one and we are all family. We were all born on this earth and it is our home. We are world citizens. Resist anyone who restrict your movement on your homeland.

Guanduania claims rule over the whole face of the earth and claims dominion over the whole universe. It doesn't claim any nation's land, it did not secede from any country. It is just a new country, spread across the face of the earth and in all the universe.

It's Capital is Guanduanis where reside His Majesty Justus I of Guanduania.

Guanduania reserves the right to make known her position on the affairs of the world in order to improve the life of her citizens.

The State of Guanduania will fight against injustice wherever it is found in  the world and it will work towards restoring all the lost freedoms to peoples who need it.


The State of Guanduania does not advocate war to resolve conflict, it's constitution is pacifist and bars the monarch to declare war. The State of Guanduania understands that there is a better way to resolve human conflict, namely the table of negociations and working with partners and friends to ease tensions.

Guanduania will never use military force to extend it's realm
It will not support any rebels with the intention of bringing down any government
It will not endulge in any illegal activities or link itself to any criminal group
It will extend it's realm and appeal serving the people by it's political activities aimed at improving their lives


Join the StateGuanduania, let's make the world a better place not only for us but also for the future generation.

It will not come without a fight, nothing good comes without a fight, be ready to lay down even your life if necessary to reach a better hope and a better future for you, your loved ones and those who will come after you.

Long live Peace, Love, Justice, Health, Freedom.
Long live His Majesty Justus I of Guanduania

Long live the State of Guanduania

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